My name is Jackasha-Janaee Wiley. I have a Masters of Education with a social studies certification from Rutgers University Graduate School of Education. I have a Bachelors of Art in History and Women and Gender Studies. I am currectly teaching two Social Science classes for the Rutgers Upward Bound program. I am looking forward to becoming a social studies teacher in an urban school district that is very warm and friendly with goals of educating their students to become successful professionals through student and educator mentorship to ensure further growth and development.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Social Science, Upward Bound & Student Blogging

This summer I will be working with Rutgers Upward Bound summer program. I had the opportunity to create the Social Science curriculum for grade 9-12. The coolest part is teaching the course to the Seniors. In that class, I am trying to help students understand themselves and their place and understanding of and in soceity (if that does not sound too crazy). It is class two in the course, I had th students' create blogs to write and express their opinions on the class themes, readings, and discussions.

This my first time using blogging as a form of expression and grading, I am both excited and curious about it's success (and failures). For the most part it is also something new for students but they are trying.

I also hear that they like my class also!!! That is always great :)

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